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ProVox Ghost Box

5.28 usd

*The #1 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Tool*ProVox Ghost Box is an advanced, yet simple and powerful, paranormal investigation toolkit. When you buy "ProVox Ghost Box" you will get free lifetime upgrades with new features, custom build algorithms, and free word database updates that you will find nowhere else, period.
ProVox Ghost Box utilizes new and advanced scanning algorithms, and a 600 word database that covers the most important features of a professional ghost hunting tool. Scan AM/FM frequencies, or use our new multi scan feature that gives you even better chances of contacting the paranormal.The voice box feature, uses your mobiles sensors and readings to transform them into real words.
Features at a glance:# Scan AM/FM frequencies# ALL NEW Multi Scan Feature# Voice Box (includes a 600 words database)# Voices are saved in logbook# Intuitive design# Excludes radio interference# Our brand is trusted by thousands of paranormal/ghost hunters.....and much much more!
- our engineers have tested, programmed and developed this app over the past 2 years. Which have resulted in a rock solid tool for paranormal researchers like ourselves.

Developed by JM Softwares & Inventograde- JM Softwares/Inventograde is trusted by thousands of paranormal investigators.